Performance through Innovation and Systematic Approach

It is through continuous qualification of our staff and the use of cutting-edge manufacturing, communication and testing technologies that we achieve what is really important to us - the best possible results for our clients.

Be it highly complex three-dimensional bent parts, pressure springs with the narrowest tolerances, units or handling techniques customised to your application - we deliver functional and economical solutions from proven processes.

We process round wires of any established quality standard and of any alloy:

  • patented drawn and oil tempered spring wires according to EN10270-1 and EN10270-2
  • Stainless steel spring wires according to EN10270-3
  • Non-ferrous metal materials, e.g. CuSn6, CuBe, etc.
  • Specialty and sheet materials according to customer specification.
And, last but not least:

...We handle finished products storage on your behalf based on kanban/call-off agreements and supply them to you on demand.

... We offer you packaging systems to resolve your feeder/separation problems.

... We offer surfacing services for all available coatings: galvanised surfaces (including CrVI-free coatings), Delta Seal / Delta Tone-coatings, anti-friction coatings.

... We are always there for you!