The guiding principle of our company and the activities of all involved have the structure of an atom.

Who are we?
We set an example as an enterprise that unites tradition and future viability.

What do we want to achieve?
We are enthusiastic about springs. With self-controlling processes, we achieve smooth operations and optimal results. This ensures satisfaction among employees, customers and suppliers alike.

We secure the resulting economic success through activities independent of the branch of industry.

The basis of our thinking and behaviour:

Management/leadership: All management staff set an example in terms of competence, commitment, responsibility and flexibility. Together they act with a view to the future and are goal-oriented.

Organisation: Our organisation is clearly and simply structured and gives orientation to all. It enables rapid, direct processes with a minimum of loss.

Employees/team: All employees think and act autonomously and take responsibility for their actions. The will to support each other is the basis for harmony within the teams and throughout the company.

Communication: We communicate positively, honestly and effectively. Our communication is the expression of our lived corporate culture.

Creativity/innovation: We are open to new ideas and are aware of the necessity of constant learning – also from mistakes. Everybody has the chance to develop further in accordance with professional requirements and personal wishes.

Quality/performance: We are enthusiastic about our products. This is the basis for optimal results in terms of quality, productivity and customer satisfaction. Our management system supports us in our daily activities and in reaching our high aims.

Environment/resources: We work with state-of-the-art technologies and facilities. Caring for our working environment with cleanliness and maintenance is an important concern for us all. We take into account the needs of the environment through conscious use of all resources.

Profit/success: Economic success and personal fulfilment are the logical consequence of our correct joint actions. Our profit is the basis for the continuing prosperity of our company and the long-term safeguarding of jobs at our locations.

These values are the most important to us:

Loyalty: Belonging and faithfulness, reliability towards all (group leaders, employees, customers, suppliers).

Continuity: Realising long-term aims and life plans. Sustainability, perseverance, resilience, not short-lived fads or trends, endurance.

Commitment: Assuming responsibility, reliability, being true to our word, being honest and authentic.

Harmony: Unity, working together to achieve the same aims. Sharing the same views.

Recognition: Praise, motivation, esteem, respect.

Liberty: Making decisions, short decision paths, ability to quickly act on decisions, financial leeway, decision-making powers and competence, flexible timing.

Security: Financial security, three-member senior management team, reliable and loyal employees/colleagues and customers.

Success: Enthusiastic customers (as the supplier of choice for our customers), satisfied employees, lasting economic profitability, excellent market position, a good name.